Netherlands Stops Use of Astra Zenca Vaccine

Covid 19 Pandemic that has shaken all the countries globally since March 2020 continues to ruin countries across the globe. The Country has suspended the consumption of the Covid 19 Vaccine which was developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford because of the issues and reason of blood clotting in spite of the pharmaceutical company claimed that a review on the data safety for the people who got vaccinated till date has shown no proof.

Netherland has now joined many other countries which includes Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Bulgaria, Iceland, and Thailand, these countries have suspended the consumption of AstraZeneca’s Vaccine.

Netherlands Stops Use of Astra Zenca Vaccine

How did the Dutch Government implement this action?

The Netherland Government had pre-ordered 12 million doses of AstraZeneca’s vaccine and the government says that as a precautionary measure the vaccine will not be used till 29 March. The officials had scheduled about 290,000 AstraZeneca Vaccinations for the next two weeks.

The government said that the decision was taken after reports from Denmark and Norway reported about the serious side effects of the vaccine. On Saturday, The Norwegian health authorities officially said that three health workers who had recently the AstraZeneca Vaccine were getting treated in the hospital due to the side effects of the vaccination which were bleeding, blood clots, and a low count of blood platelets.

The Dutch Health Authorities had to cancel 43,000 vaccination appointments as the government stopped the consumption of AstraZeneca vaccination. The Dutch Health Minister Hugo De Jonge, they can’t allow having any documents about the vaccine.

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The issue shall be investigated by European Medicines Agency(EMA).On Monday, hours after the vaccination program was put to a halt, A Dutch Drug official said that there have been 10 cases of major side effects which involve AstraZeneca.

Many European countries are all again will be imposing new lockdown precautionary measures in the next couple of days. In France curfews and a lot of social restrictions have been forced in many french regions.

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