China The Lone Country To Challenge U.S. On The International Ground, Says Blinken

“Various nations, such as Russia, North Korea, and Iran, are posing serious challenges to the United States, and there are several crises that the US has to address, such as the crises in Yemen, Burma, and Ethiopia. But China is the only nation with the financial, political, military, and imaginative capacity to challenge the uniform. And extensive structure — consisting of rules, features, and associations that make the world work how we need it to.” Said Blinken while addressing the State Department.

China The Lone Country To Challenge U.S. On The International Ground, Says Blinken

“A Foreign Policy for the American People” was the title of his speech. And he emphasized that the administration’s policies would be planned always with American workers in mind. He accepted that past efforts to promote free trade sometimes disregarded the expense for certain laborers.

In a discussion that reported eight needs for U.S. discretion, China was the only country Blinken focused on, including combating the Covid-19 pandemic, advancing more steadily. And the comprehensive worldwide economy, defying environmental change, getting U.S. leadership in innovation. Changing the migration framework, reinforcing partnerships, and restoring popularity-based qualities.

Blinken’s speech completely varies with former President Donald Trump’s foreign policy preferences, he highlighted the significance of tackling climate change and the need to re-engage with the rest of the world which was neglected by Trump. He also stated that during the Trump regime the US withdrew from various institutions like the United Nations and also from its international commitments.

While spreading out the discourse on Biden organization’s international strategy vision. He said “Our relationship with China will be competitive when it ought to be, collaborative when it tends to be, and hostile when it must be. Also, we will draw in China from a place of solidarity.”

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He additionally said the Biden organization would reprimand China for denials of basic freedoms against Uighurs in Xinjiang.

China The Lone Country To Challenge U.S. On The International Ground, Says Blinken

Referring indirectly to events including the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill, he said that democracy worldwide, including US, is under threat, and strengthening it is vital to national security. And he also added that we should not give China a single point based on which it can criticize US on international ground.

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