Boeing 737 Max Makes Emergency Landing Due To Engine Breakdown

American Airlines Boeing 737 Max made an emergency landing on Friday in Newark, New Jersey. After pilots saw a potential issue with a motor oil pressure indicator.

No casualties have been reported among the 95 passengers and six crew members.

Boeing released a statement saying they were aware of the problem but on the other hand. The Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) said it will surely look into the matter. And will try to figure out the possible reason behind the emergency landing.

This isn’t the first occasion when Boeing Max had made an emergency landing. It was grounded internationally for around two years after two crashes that killed 346 individuals. Speculations are being made that the investigators have focused only on a flight-control framework, not the motors.

Boeing 737 Max Makes Emergency Landing Due To Engine Breakdown

Other Boeing planes experience additionally run into the same problem in recent weeks, with 777 and 747 planes. Both going through vital engine failures during trips over Denver, Colorado, and the Netherlands before the end of last month. In the two cases, their motors burst into flames. And showered their metals flotsam and jetsam on local locations beneath, one causing, in any event, two wounds and harm to property.

Requests were forwarded into the disappointments, with US specialists finding the Colorado flight probably experienced “metal fatigue.”

Real Reason Behind devastating crashes of the 737 MAX airplane?

Boeing 737 Max Makes Emergency Landing Due To Engine Breakdown

A Lion Air aircraft crashed on October 29, 2018, after starting up in Indonesia and an Ethiopian Airlines aircraft crashed after starting up On March 13, 2019, the FAA briefly grounded all Boeing 737 MAX eight and MAX nine planes. More than 10 months later, almost 500 MAX jets continue to be grounded, and orders for hundreds extra are in isolation. Boeing faces fines, lawsuits, and accusations of speeding the plane into production. A new device added to upgrade 737 MAX, the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), has been related to each crash.

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