A Big Blow To Turkey- Pakistan Defence Deal Worth $1.5billion

Ibrahim Kalin, official representative and special counselor to the President of Turkey told. That the US has blocked Turkey from supplying 30 Turkish-made attack helicopters to Pakistan.

The deal was reported to be signed on 25 May 2018. Pakistan was very much impressed with Turkish T129 ATAK helicopters. The total contract value for the 30 T129 ATAK helicopters is estimated at over $1.5 billion. Which is expected to replace the Pakistani’s outdated fleet of AH-1F Cobra helicopter gunships. This deal would have been one of Turkey’s most expensive defense acquisitions in recent decades.

A Big Blow To Turkey- Pakistan Defence Deal Worth $1.5billion

The latest blockade by the US, however, is likely to force the two parties to cancel the deal, urging Pakistan to look for other options.

The reason behind blocking such a massive deal

It is assessed that under Biden’s presidency many nations will confront difficulty and Turkey is among them, in a report. It was said after Biden made the vow. He went through the first month of his administration making regular calls to world leaders excluding Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The explanation is very straightforward that he is upset in regards to Turkey’s choice of utilizing Russia’s S-400 missile guard framework.

A Big Blow To Turkey- Pakistan Defence Deal Worth $1.5billion

Biden is against the use of S-400 because NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) fears. That it will help Russia sharpen its ability to shoot down Western countries’ jets.

Though under Trump’s tenure, very weak sanctions were imposed as Trump was friendly towards Turkey and Russia. But Biden is strictly against any kind of acquisition of Russsian made equipment. He told during his election campaign that Russia is the greatest threat to the US and the world.

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Turkey’s plan to resolve this issue

The only thing that Turkey can do is replace LHTEC T800 with its indigenous TEI TS1400 powerplant.

LHTEC T800 is a powerful engine due to which Pakistan showed interest in this deal, it is produced by the LHTEC. Which is a joint venture between Rolls-Royce and Honeywell. 

A Big Blow To Turkey- Pakistan Defence Deal Worth $1.5billion

On the other hand, TEI TS1400 is a turboshaft engine for rotary-wing applications. Produced by the Tusaş Engine Industries (TEI) which is situated in Turkey.

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