Matt Reeves Celebrate as the Batman Completed Shooting

Those who are fans of Superheroes, especially Batman are eagerly waiting for Matt Reeves’s Batman to release, which still has a long way to go. But as time passes, more and more people who are interested in his film-making have started to take an interest in this character. The film’s shooting started last year, but the unfortunate events of CoronaVirus made the shooting for this movie a lot difficult.

The movie however never stopped and now we can finally look at some pictures from sets to confirm it’s a wrap. Matt Reeves and Jeffrey Wright who will be playing the iconic role of Commissioner Gordon tweeted photos and artwork related to the movie.

Matt Reeves Celebrate as the Batman Completed Shooting


Even before Batman started to roll, the director never stopped giving a glimpse of what Batman will look like to his fans as well as Batman’s fans. We have high hopes for this movie because of the director’s new approach to the iconic character. We all know that when the movie started its production Matt Reeves de-activated his account for some unclosed reason but now it’s active again after a long time.

Matt Reeves Celebrate as the Batman Completed Shooting

We got to see the trailer of Batman before even the shooting was finished and that glimpse of a trailer was glorious and that made us, the fans even more excited about this movie. Everything about this project is refreshing without a doubt. and they made that trailer with 30% of all the footage they had. Now the movie is wrapped. And the movie will go into post-production.

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Matt Reeves Celebrate as the Batman Completed Shooting


We also see the caliber of Robert Pattinson. The studio was criticized when they cast Robert Pattinson for Batman as the fans still see him as a vampire in Twilight. But he showed his acting skills in Robert Eggers’s The Lighthouse, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, and Antonio Campos’s The devil all the time. The tweet of both the artists, the director, and the actor is a sign of hope for the movie.

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