Fitness Band – Must Have Accessory for a Healthy Body

2020 made health conscious. Health became the first priority of almost everyone across all age groups. In this one year we saw 50 percent of the people doing yoga, cycling, walking, running and controlling their diet. People moved towards healthy food and healthy lifestyle. Even government too became conscious regarding the health of the citizens.

Oppo All Set with it’s New Fit Band

At such times the manufacturing companies saw opportunity to expand thier business and earn large profits. Smart watches and fitness band which was just a fashion icon became a very important accesory to keep track of the everyday health. Most of the smartphones brands, launches Fitness Bands in the market.

Here's everything you need to know about the band.

The smartphones Brand OPPO too grabbed the golden opportunity.  Launching a fitness Band with keeping the fashion in mind was one an only goal. The company has managed to achieve the goal with its new OPPO stylish band.


OPPO style band is available on Amazon under Amazon special device costing around ₹   2,990. The company also came uo with several discount offers which includes – ₹   2,799 as an introductory price. Coustomers can avail the offer by ordering the band online on Amazon. Second offer is the band is provided with OPPO F19 pro + 5G at around ₹2,499.

Fitness Band - Must Have Accessory for a Healthy Body


The band comes with SpO2 monitoring system. Well if you don’t know what’s it, I’ll brief you on that. Spo2 is known as oxygen saturation. It measures the amount of oxygen carrier hemoglobin in the blood relative to the amount of hemoglobin not carrying oxygen. OPPO band is  facilitated to carry out the non stop Sop2 monitoring for almost 28,800 times.

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The band can keep track of the amount of  sleep your body requires daily along with the sleep stages. This record is beneficiary to be more productive and inorder to establish better sleep habits. Band also has an optical heart rate monitor. Any irregularities  in your heart rate will be notified by a vibration warning.

Fitness Band - Must Have Accessory for a Healthy Body

As we all know keeping track of the exercise routine gets difficult. But now it won’t as OPPO band can track 12 different excersises. Indoor – outdoor run, indoor – outdoor cycling, fat burn run, Elliptical, Rowing, cricket, Badminton, Swiming and yoga.

Fat burn tracker allows you to know how accurately your body is burning fat. This helps you run effectively and efficiently.  It keeps track of your daily progress  and gives improvement records. The band shows daily activities in bars.

Fitness Band - Must Have Accessory for a Healthy Body


Talking about the look the watch can match all your looks, whether it’s formal or casual. The watch is water resistant with scratch resistant display glass. The display screen is 2.79cm with full AMOLED colour display. The battery lasts for almost 12 day’s on a single charge. It’s it surprising?

The band has a 100mAh battery that takes nothing more than 1.5 hours to get fully charged. It also has a weather check for upcoming day facility. OPPO band is available in 2 colours Black and vanilla with 40 types of watch face options.

Users can pair the band with thier smartphones by downloading  HeyTap. It lets you recieve incoming calls ans messages, notification. The band can even control music playback and has many more exciting features. So what are you waiting for just go and grab your band before it’s too out of stock and trend.

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