Ok Computer, the Release Date for Anand Gandhi’s Sci-Fi Comedy

The trailer of OK COMPUTER has been released worldwide for the world to take a look at another master idea from Anand Gandhi. It is created by the creative house of Anand Gandhi called Memesys Culture Lab. It will be India’s first Sci-Fi comedy. It’s something new for the Indian audience to grasp and the show will be premiered on Disney + Hostar in India.

The show will deal with an age-old question that has been asked by scientists for a long time. The idea of AI and how will it affect us the humans. The show will also tackle the pros and cons of technology.

Ok Computer, the Release Date for Anand Gandhi's Sci-Fi Comedy


The trailer although reveals a lot about the series plot, will be interesting to see something new. The trailer starts with a self-driving car crashing into a human who was walking on the road.

As the trailer unfolds, we are introduced to some characters who are going to be played by India’s rising star Vijay Varma as well as see Radhika Apte ( Netflix will have a lot to say in it) and Jackie Shroff. Vijay Verma will present a character of a guy who does not understand this AI culture well enough. Something like the character of Will Smith in I, Robot.

Ok Computer, the Release Date for Anand Gandhi's Sci-Fi Comedy


The release date of this show on Disney + Hotstar is on the 26th of March and will be available for paying customers. The show is also releasing in many languages which include, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, and of course Hindi. The stars of this show, Radhika Apte and Vijay Verma have also tweeted about it and the fans of Anand Gandhi are excited about this new project.

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