Know why Batman: The Dark Knight Video Game got Canceled

Batman: The Dark Knight, one of the most anticipated video games of all time got canceled many years back. We are finally here to tell you what exactly went wrong. The video was supposed to include the DC Comics superhero Batman. And was based on Christopher Nolan’s film The Dark Knight.

In Batman: The Dark Knight, the player-controlled Batman. Who may investigate Gotham City, drive vehicles, and perform missions. Widespread was given get to to the film’s script and other materials. And the film’s cast would have reprised their parts for the amusement too.

Reason It Got Terminated

Pandemic Studios got the rights to make the video game. Although when they got this project. They were already preoccupied with Star Wars: Battlefront and Mercenaries. As part of Electronic Arts’ licensing bargain with DC. The Studios were given as it were until December 2008 to induce video game rolling out. Which was inconceivable considering advancement had as it was started a few months back only.

Know why Batman: The Dark Knight Video Game got Canceled

Another reason was that, during the development of the game. Pandemic Studios was chosen to utilize the open-world game engine (Odin). Motivated by what they saw, in The Saboteur. They decided to change over The Dark Knight into an open-world game. As they felt superior and justifiable to the scope and soul of Nolan’s movies. 

The engine was incapable to handle the frame rates. Which implied there was no way they seem to get the game running. Resulting in its crashing leading to the reason why the December 2008 due date couldn’t be met.

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How The Game Would Have Turned Out?

The game was meant to be a follow-up of Nolan’s movie Dark Knight storyline. Batman: The Dark Knight was to be much more bona fide, with the cast of the film set to repeat their roles for voice acting.

Know why Batman: The Dark Knight Video Game got Canceled

Players were to have the choice of how to utilize Batman. This included the basic voyaging on foot, hooking around Gotham City, gliding. And at long last the utilization of either the Batmobile or the Batpod.To this conclusion, Gotham City was progressing to highlight an entire part of side missions for players to be inundated in.

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