Ivanka Trump Frolics On A Yacht In A Bikini With Family Amid Capitol Insurrection Investigation

Ivanka Trump slipped into a black bikini and took off to yachting with spouse Jared Kushner and his pardoned ex-con dad in Miami, while Congress is still examining the January 6 United States.

Ivanka Trump seemed to not have a care in the world as she went yachting in Miami. Amidst Congress examination into how she abandoned President dad Donald Trump whipped up supporters. to facilitate a harmful riot in the United States on January 6.

Now that Trump has been appointed out of office, former presidential advisor Ivanka is through to living large in the one percent. As she and spouse Jared Kushner frolicked on a yacht with his billionaire ex-con dad Charles Kushner. Who Trump excused just before leaving the department.


Ivana Marie is a united-based businesswoman. Who, under her father Donald Trump’s government, worked as a senior counselor to him. And as the governor of the Office of Economic Initiatives and Entrepreneurship. She is the median daughter of Donald’s first wife, Ivana, borned in Czechoslovakia.


Jared aged 40, and Charles aged 66, sat on the back of the cruiser glancing Ivanka and Arabella’s fun in the sun. Moreover Charles was sentenced to accompany to two years in prison in 2005 after begging immoral to informing false

tax returns, bystander retribution, and giving rise to false announcements to the Federal Election Commission. 

He further served 14 months at a Federal Prison Camp in Alabama before being disseminated to a halfway house.

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In a Dec. 23, 2020 announcement from the White House respecting Kushner’s acquittal. It evaluates that his record of reform and relationship overshadows Mr Kushner’s enthusiasm and 2-year verdict.

The duo has been a normal existence out and about in South Florida after playing for four years in Washington D.C and also last month. The couple took a romantic stroll on the waterfront where they were seen holding hands.

They also took off for a jog concurrently in the bright Miami sunlight with the former POTUS dad. Now occupying his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, FL, an hour north of where Ivanka and Jared are nowadays inhabiting. Congress is currently examining the US Capitol attack. That Trump provoked among his supporters at a D.C. Rally, after falsely contending the 2020 presidential election was kidnapped from him and out.

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