DJI’s Cinematic FPV Drone: Everything Regarding it that you Should know

Are you a tech lover or want to know about the latest gadgets and technology, then this article may be a quiet informative to you. In this article we gonna talk about DJI’s latest cinematic FPV drone and it’s features.

So, if curious to know more about it, then go through the full article. I can assure you, you get lots of information regarding this.

DJI's Cinematic FPV Drone: Everything Regarding it that you should know

Key features of this drone

According to the features and specifications we can easily say that, this is a hundred times better drone than the traditional drone that we use till now.

Let’s quickly check the key features of this ultimate drone.

The weight of the drone is 795g which is very well to carry from one place to another place. The total volume of the drone is 255×312×127mm which provide it a all round balance. The drone can record 4k/60 p and 1080/240p videos at 120mbps which is quiet impressive at all.

It have inbuilt all kinds of latest sensors like, light sensor, obstacles avoidance sensors etc. You can fly a drone for max to max 20 minutes which is impressive because of the performance of it.

Beside this it’s have GPS navigation that you don’t find in the other traditional drones. You also get 4 stereoscopic sensors + an auxiliary light sensor, inbuilt in this drone which does not provide by any other drone company on it’s price segment.

So, there are the most useful and key features of this drone which makes it better than the others traditional drones.

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DJI's Cinematic FPV Drone: Everything Regarding it that you should know


As you get a high performing drone then it’s quiet obvious that you have to pay a little more than the other drones. The starting price of this drone is $1299 which is quiet value for money deal.

DJI's Cinematic FPV Drone: Everything Regarding it that you should know


As it’s revealed by the company just now, so it’s very hard to give a honest review and Opinion on this. But according to the features we can say this is a very high performing drone which you should try in your profession accordingly. It’s also proof that it’s provide some great feature that you didn’t get with the other drones at this price segment.

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