Best Anime Series to Watch in 2021

“New Anime Series” – The topic is enough itself to excite fans allover the world. 2021 has been another glorious year for all anime fans around the globe, fans are very excited to look forward to new amazing and interesting anime series, from new adaptations to popular returning series.

Here’s the list of the most anticipated anime of 2021.

Best Anime Series to Watch in 2021

Kemeno Jihen

Release date: January 10

Available on: Funimation

It revolves around the story of Kabane Kusaka ,child of a human and an otherworldly creature,who was abandoned by his parents.His friends can tell something is different about him, which is accurate: There’s a demon inside of him. Kemeno Jihen with its interesting hand in dark fantasy formula  is enough to be compelling viewing.The show also reflects some facts related to Kabane that he can’t die—shot, consumed by bugs, and even can get beheaded. With the show going to few places till now, it’ll be interesting to see where it lands.

Best Anime Series to Watch in 2021

Vlad Love

Release date: February 14

Available on: Crunchyroll

Vlad Love represents something very different and out of the box to watch! After contemplations on everything from our bodily relationship to technology to man’s impulse to destroy, the show has extremely unexpected returns and twists that may seem really weird but surely can be very exciting to watch.The show has hyperactive scenes full of strange meta-twists can be really stupid but is surely binge watching. That silliness won’t work fore everyone but its bizarre plot is constantly amusing.

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Best Anime Series to Watch in 2021

Jujutsu Kaisen

Release date: October 3, 2020

Available on : Crunchyroll,HBO MAX

If you’ve watched any shonen anime, Jujutsu Kaisen feels very familiar. Its teenage protagonist Yuuji Itadori living on an all-feared demon inside him recalls Naruto; the thin veil between humanity and demons. Its spectacular fights, and can-do spirit feels way to thrilling to watch. It’s not only  focused on big fights and supernatural horror, but it’s a canny modernization of a never giving up and achieving formula, one that continues to satisfy fans every week.

Best Anime Series to Watch in 2021


Release date: January 9

Available on: Hulu,Funimation

An alone and intense young man, Izumi Miyamura doesn’t get much positive attention from his high school classmates, nor does he try to. This all changes when he encounters with his popular classmate Kyoko Hori outside of school, where both found got wrong first impressions about each other. Horimiya is surely worth watching for its visuals and character art, perfect moments of quiet intimacy, loneliness, and self-doubt.

Best Anime Series to Watch in 2021

Sk8 The Infinity

Release date: January 10

Available on: Funimation

An original sports anime full of the emotional acuity and gentle, good-natured humor,full of vividity, contrasting color and high energy, and simply just great fun as it depicts a group of hardcore skaters participating in a secret skateboarding competition in an abandoned mine, known as S.It shows great emotional bonding between Reki Kyan, and Lang Hasegawa through skateboarding,with great tension between Reki and Langa as the former begins to feel insecure about how quickly his friend start to pick up new skills!

Best Anime Series to Watch in 2021

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