Some Lesser Known Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

We all have been using Windows 10 now, for a long time. This was one of the few good operating systems in the market. After Windows 7 became an instant hit, Microsoft confidently released window 8 but it was horrible. So, we came back to the start menu setup in Windows. Windows 10 is the only window right now that works in a variety of gadgets. It works on mobile phones, tablets, pc as well as laptops.

Although in the start, it was a little difficult to use it without proper instructions but once you get a hold of many new tricks, it became an easy system to use at the workplace or personally. Although many offices still use the old window 7 for professional work.

Some Lesser Known Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

One of the easiest ways to handle windows 10 is to know the shortcuts and tricks. So, here we are sharing some useful shortcuts and tricks with you guys:


One of the easiest ways to open an app is to make sure the app is on the start menu so it can be opened in one click. You can also remove unwanted tiles and apps from the menu and add more tiles according to you. You can also replace some useless apps with apps that are useful to you so that you have those apps in front of you all the time.

Some Lesser Known Windows 10 Tips and Tricks


It is something like Siri, Alexa, or Google. You can find it on your taskbar just beside your start menu. It is a voice activation AI which helps you in everyday small things. Like you want it to remind you of something or you want to add something in your notebook or you want to update your contact list. Cortana is here for you. And unlike Google or Siri or Alexa, you can control it on how much you want to share things with it.

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Some Lesser Known Windows 10 Tips and Tricks


They have also added a new option called quick access where you can find all your frequently visited folders so you don’t have to go in the folder and then go through the trouble of finding the exact file.

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