Godzilla 4k Release Highlights

There are movies, TV shows, Comics, toys that gave this character, Godzilla the iconic status it stands on today. People around the world love this monster of a character, quite literally. Fans are again excited because another movie in the monster verse is just around the corner.

Everyone is waiting for the kaiju to return and bring back the balance. Monster vs Kong will release on the 25th of March in theatres. When a new movie comes out in a cinematic universe people seem to watch the older movies again to grasp the timeline or just to relive it before the new movie hit screens.

Godzilla 4k Release Highlights


Godzilla was released way back in 2014 but this is the best time to watch it again because Studio is going to release this movie in 4k for its audience. Now, you can call it a part of capitalism but we predict it will be great to see our monster in such clarity. The official page of Godzilla released a 4k image of Godzilla to confirm its 4k release. The Godzilla in the pic looks extraordinary.

Godzilla 4k Release Highlights

The above pic shows the Godzilla roaring in all its royalty and looking at the sky. The attention to the details is marvelous. If you will look closely you can see the scales on his body, you can see the sharpness in his teeth and the anger in his eyes.


And now if you are on board to watch this better version of Godzilla, then you need to buy the 4K DVD. It is possible it’s not available where you live because it has just been released but gives it a little time and you will be able to buy it on Best Buy and Amazon. So, buy it and watch it before the final showdown of him and Kong.

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