Claim Over Kim Ji Soo is True or Not?

Kim Ji Soo, who is a Korean Drama actor recently got dropped out from a Korean drama called river where the moon rises. Why the makers have made a sudden decision and what is Ji Soo reaction over it. The claim over Kim Ji Soo is true or not? Bullying and sexual harrasments have always been the centre of topic for every society. As a kid or a younger person, one doesn’t understand what he or she is doing but later on when the have to pay for it then they regret it.

What Allegations have been made against Kim Ji Soo

Kim Ji Soo, Korean actor have been charged with School bullying and sexual harrasment allegation. Due to this, he got replaced from the drama river where the moon rises. The spokesperson of KBS have told the media that KBS have decided that it would be better if Kim Ji Soo leaves the drama. His replacement have not be confirmed yet.

What have happened and what is his fans reaction?

Kim Ji Soo have been appeared in 6 episodes of drama river where the moon rises out of 20 as a main lead but after the allegations the makers have decided to replace him. As per some unknown source, it have been claimed that above 5,500 people have signed the petition on removing and replacing Kim Si Joo from the ongoing drama. As the result, makers have started to thinking about the same. Kim Ji Soo fans have also taken the matter to their own twitter handles and started posting about it, they also shared their opinnions about the same.

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Claim Over Kim Ji Soo is True or Not?

What is Kim Ji Soo reaction?

Kim Ji Soo took the matter to his instagram and posed about the same on his official instagram profile on 4th March 2021. He have shared a handwritten letter asking for the apology for the allegations. In the letter he wrote “I sincerely apologize to those that suffered because of me. There is no excuse for my past behaviour. These were actions that cannot be forgiven. As I started acting, I think I was able to come this far because I covered my past while received undeserved attention from the fans.

Let’s see what the future hold for the actor and the drama.

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