Imtiaz Ali’s she renewed for Season 2 by Netflix

India has very few TV shows when it comes to stories revolves around a female protagonist. We can say that India has always been a male dominant industry and now TV shows and movies with a strong female are coming to light. One of the few TV shows in this category is She. Although the show has been extremely criticized by some of the film critics.

Arif Ali directed this Netflix’s original show but the idea was coined by Imtiaz Ali. Yeah! the same director who is famous for making amazing movies, in which the character is struggling with himself and in search of his identity. But in an interview, he said that he wanted to make this for a long time but he is happy that he made it now with better resources.

Imtiaz Ali's she renewed for Season 2 by Netflix


The story revolves around a constable named, Bhumika who is picked and trained to be a prostitute, so that she can use her skills and help the police to capture that drug lord. And the story also focuses on the struggles of a female in this male-dominant world.

The story sometimes feels out of touch and lengthy. The writing is a little sloppy and the direction just feels blunt. But despite the flaws, the show has some extremely good moments. It’s worth giving a shot.

Imtiaz Ali's she renewed for Season 2 by Netflix


After all the criticism, still Netflix announced to renew the show for its second season just because of the show’s popularity. This is one of the shows among 40 other shows which was announced by Netflix on the 3rd of March.

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Although the exact date for this show is not announced by the streaming platform. We predict, according to the last season, that this one will be released in the month of April, this year.

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