Gina Carano is Definitely Returning in The Mandalorian Season 3 After Getting Massive Support from Fans in New Poll

Lucasfilm and Disney, the makers behind the super hit web television series, The Mandalorian have fired one of the cast members, Gina Carano over controversial online posts. Carano has been actively involved in online controversies and at times she has been accused of being transphobic. The cancel culture has been pushing hard to push her from the show and even started a #FireGinaCarano campaign online.

When she compared the Republicans to the Jews in Nazi Germany during Holocaust, the fans and the production company didn’t receive well and fired her from their employment. However, there are two different opinions on her removal from the cast of The Mandalorian. Some fans agreed that she should have been dismissed while other thought completely opposite.

Moreover, a new poll reveals that the majority of Americans believe that the actress was unfairly dropped from the show. However, there’s a catch, the poll was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, and conservative media company The Daily Wire released it. Carano previously announced that she would be developing a new film project with the media company, in which she will star in and produce, as well.

Some reports claim that she is coming back in the upcoming season of the Mandalorian as Cara Dune. But it is worth considering that the new poll, which claimed that Carrano was unjustly fired, is completely anti-Disney. Not only the fans but also Carano’s co-star and standup comedian Bill Burr thinks the same way. He reportedly defended the actress following her removal from the show.

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While appearing at The Bill Bert Podcast, Bill Burr praised Carano for how sweet a person she is. He also mentioned that she is an absolute sweetheart. Burr also made clear that he isn’t a fan of cancel culture on the internet. She would have appeared in the upcoming third season of the Mandalorian and also the already-announced spin-off series, Rangers of the New Republic.


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