Warner Media Chief Jason Kilar Drops Hints About Harry Potter Sequel

Warner Media Chief Jason Kilar

On Thursday, while making a guest appearance at an Investor Conference, Warner Media chief Jason Kilar dropped hints about continuing the magical and mysterious saga of Harry Potter for HBO Max and Warner Bros.

Harry Potter Sequel.hint

“There’s this little thing called Harry Potter, which one of the greatest and most celebrated franchises in the cinema history. And we are extremely thankful for the fortune that we got a chance to partner with great talent like J.K. Rowling, he has the potential to bring the real drama and fun on the screen” Kilar told the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecommunications Conference during a session that was webcast.

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Kilar didn’t reveal much about their plans for the sequel of Harry Potter but all the teases somewhere point toward expanding the magical world by putting a Harry Potter live-action TV series in early development at HBO Max.

Kilar revealed Warner Media’s future plans

On the other hand, some rumors are steaming up about Warner Media planning to develop a tentpole around the stage play of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. Speculation about the possibility of seeing the Harry Potter sequel in the coming future came after Kilar talked about creative fortunes going forward for Warner Bros.

Further in the session, Kilar talked about how HBO and HBO Max are now standing at a combined 41.5 million subscribers to date, well ahead of the estimated projections. “It’s early to say, but as per my experience in the industry, we have covered a long distance in any metric, whether it’s daily engagement, usage-per-day, or the absolute numbers of viewers or subscribers Kilar said.

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Harry Potter.Sequel

Kilar also talked about their plan of reorganizing the studio to giving more chances to Warner Media to become a narrow pipeline instead of being wholesalers of content. “We are running a business that completely relies on the wholesaling. And that’s a good business, when you’re able to both produce and develop and distribute where you’re in control. That’s a better business,” Kilar argued.

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