Loneliness Ministry: New trend to Tackle Mental Health Issues

Coronavirus Pandemic not only affects physical health but even mental health to a very large extent. Counties saw an increase in depression, fatigue and suicide cases. The isolation and self-quarantine made the lonely man more and more lonely.

The lockdown was the worst part as most countries saw a spike in depression cases. And Mental health is a burning issue and it’s getting attention from the political parties too.

But, the government tried to reach to the people with the help of various means be it radio, television, websites or phone call centers. Taking care of mental health was the priority of the government.

Loneliness ministry: New Trend to Tackle Mental Health Issues

In 2018 Britain appointed Tracey Crouch was appointed as the loneliness Minister. By Prime Minister Theresa May in January 2018 to tackle modern life’s reality which is surrounded by loneliness.

Loneliness Ministry: New trend to Tackle Mental Health Issues

So, Loneliness is the harsh reality of today’s modern world as there’s no time for men to spend with each other. But there’s no one to hear what you have to say. And this makes the person feel lonely and alone.

Loneliness is the main cause behind all other mental disorders and hence it should be tackled in the beginning. Tracey Crouch was the world’s first loneliness minister.

The Coronavirus Pandemic was a very challenging time affecting people not only physically but even mentally. It increased cases of depression in the country around the world and suicide rates in Japan.

Suicide rates in Japan increased to 14.9 Suicides per 100,000 people. Making it a huge number. Japan has witnessed an increase in Suicide rates this year after almost 11 years.

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Loneliness Ministry: New trend to Tackle Mental Health Issues

The Japanese government is really worried about the situation. And hence on Friday the Japanese prime minister Yoshihide Suga appointed Tetsushi Sakamoto. As the first lonely minister of Japan following the example of Britain. Tetsushi is in charge of combating the falling birth rates in the country and revitalizing the countries economies.

Tetsushi is instructed by Prime Minister Suga to examine the issue. And to put forward comprehensive by coordinating with the related ministry. Tetsushi hopes that2 he will be able to prevent social loneliness. And isolation and to protect ties between people. An isolation/loneliness countermeasure office is also created within the cabinet.

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