Jennifer Aniston’s Weird Vocal Habit on “Friends” : Why didn’t we Notice it?

Jennifer Aniston’s weird vocal habit on Friend is the new thing on ‘ how old were you when you discovered this?’. After one of the tik tokers found this, Friends fans have been crazy like anything! Rachael as she is known in the blockbuster series has a cult fan following Jennifer Anison’s one of the best performances to date.

Her fashion sense in the show is something which has a fan following even after years the series was broadcasted and is one of the best fashion wardrobes we have seen in any series. Now new on the block is her quite weird vocal habit she has showcased in the show.

Jennifer Aniston's Weird Vocal Habit on "Friends" : Why didn't we notice it?

What is the new trend?

Fans who have come to know of the major vocal habit of Jennifer Aniston on the show wish they have not seen it at the same time wondering like anything why they didn’t notice it the innumerable times they have binge-watched the classic show.

If you are one of those Friends fans yourself how to worships the show like anything, then maybe this post is not for you but you sure wish you are aware of this! Brace yourselves as we got a major spoiler.

So this is what it is, Jennifer Aniston has this vocal tic that she does at the beginning of every single sentence that she starts on any show that she is a part of. In light of the TikTok user who found this out, it’s very concrete and it’s tough to unsee once you notice it. Not exactly a trip, it is said to ruin the viewer’s experience of watching the hallmark. Something that could take or break a fan truly!

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Jennifer Aniston's Weird Vocal Habit on "Friends" : Why didn't we notice it?

How the fans reacted

In light of an ardent fan’s account, you do notice the weird discovery but it would only come across as the actress herself cleaning her throat and nothing more so. You don’t recognize it or it doesn’t cross your mind to keep a count of it unlike a to of other things, fans are said to have weird counts of ( for instance how many times Joey Tribbiani played by Matt LeBlanc says how you doin’? and trust us there are some weird numbers).

Fans have just gotten truly crazy with the discovery and the comment section was wild. While some were scared to finish the video and ultimately ruin the experience, others were just too brave ad dealt with it like anything. Some others said it was only crutches that actors have and is not something to get too crazy over.

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