Three Nuclear Rivals India, Pakistan and China are Talking Peace

The tension between India and Pakistan remains unresolved even after 74 years of independence. The countries are always having a dispute over something or the other. Since independence Kashmir remains the main cause of disputes among the two.

India and China initially shared a good relation until 2020 when the Indian soldiers were attacked by the Chinese soldiers in the Himalayan border. India lost it’s 20 soldiers in the face-off and since then the tension prevails among both nations.

All three nations are well equipped with nuclear weapons. Still they challenge each other power and break the border rules. This the main cause of tension not only for the three nations but for Asia and the world at large.

Three Nuclear Rivals India, Pakistan and China are Talking Peace

This was followed by a surgical strike that attacked the four terrorist headquarters based in Pakistan. The Pulwama attack was the next inline killing forty CRPF Indian soldiers. India then retaliated with air strike.

Three Nuclear Rivals India, Pakistan and China are Talking Peace

Pakistan and China are Talking Peace

There was some peace between the two until the Indian prime minister revoked the statehood of Jammu and Kashmir and declared it to be a union territory. Since then the line of control rules are continuously broken by the Pakistani soldiers. The ceasefire gets increased now and then. Resulting in the loss of innocent lives.

Soon after this, the Indian government banned more than 200 Chinese apps including tik – tok. The trade between the two nations too got affected. Among all this tension came good news on Thursday as the three nations came to together to have a peaceful dialogue and solve all the tension that prevails among the three nations.

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China and India discussed calling back their army troops from the Himalayan region if Pangong. The call between the External Affairs minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar and the Chinese counterpart Wang Yi lasted for an hour. Right before the call a joint statement was made by the senior army officers. The statement said a halt in operations along the border as announced.

The higher authorities of all three nations said that all the disputes and grievances should get solved with the help of dialogue. The American President Joe Biden too says that the matter of Kashmir will be looked upon and that it should get solved by peaceful conversation.

War and disputes only cause the loss of innocent lives. This shouldn’t happen. Moeed W. Yusuf special assistant to the Pakistani Prime minister stated that “ it will save innocent lives so no one should question the intent.”

Three Nuclear Rivals India, Pakistan and China are Talking Peace

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