Now ALDI Discount 4K TV Can Run LG Web OS Instead of Android

Hey readers, here we come with a very fresh and latest tech update for you. This is actually an idea that can be creat a revolution in not only tech industry, but also in the entertainment industry too. Now ALDI Discount 4K TV can run LG Web OS Instead of Android.

In a recent announcement, LG confirmed that they are working on a very brand new TV is, which gonna be an own Os of LG. So, in this article, we are going to discuss on this matter. So, if you curious to know more about it, then go through the whole article. I hope you all getting answers regarding this.

Now ALDI Discount 4K TV can run LG Web OS Instead of Android

About the Announcement of LG

They says Ausdroid readers love ALDI’s special buy to buy a brand new Android TV. Here they hint that in the very future there will another sale where they introduce their smart tv which is running on their own LG Web OS. As we all know, all the smart tvs that available in the market is running on Android OS. But it will be the first one where we see a new OS instead of android os.

The new OS is named as WebOS. Till now they partnership with more than 20 reputed TV manufacture company. Among them, RCA, Ayonz, and Konka are a very big names. But the brand Aussies will want to pay attention is BAUHN, which is ALDI’s in-house brand for TV’s.

Now ALDI Discount 4K TV can run LG Web OS Instead of Android

Features and Benefits

Let’s take a glace at it’s features and benefits. So, this WebOS is coming up with a very user-friendly environment. Here you get integrated AI algorithms that can definitely feel you a better experience. Here you also give all the global OTT and social media platforms like, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube etc many more with inbuilt AI algorithms.

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That’s why we can say this gonna be a very interesting technology which may able to take the market of Smart Tv industry. Besides this, it’s also interesting to watch that, can this WebOs actually replace the users beloved android os.

Now ALDI Discount 4K TV can run LG Web OS Instead of Android

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