New Rules for Social Media Platforms Laid by Indian Govt

The Indian government on 25th February 2021 laid new rules for the social media platforms. But the Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad stated. So the rules will empower the social media users.

Under the new Information Technology (guidelines for intermediaries. And the Digital Media ethics code) rules 2021 for the first time in history. But the social media platform and OTT streaming services will be regulated by the government.

The rules are laid keeping in mind the demand of the users. And who wanted a regulatory body to regulate the social media platform and internet use. So, the government came up with this new set of rules. Because India is the biggest market for all social media platforms and to protect the user’s rights gets very important.

New Rules for Social Media Platforms Laid by Indian Govt

New Rules and Regulations 

As stated by the IT minister the companies will have to follow the rules. And regulations laid by the government and the constitution of India. If not a strict action will be taken against them.

So the companies will have to recruit a Chief compliance officer who will look after the complainants filed by the users. As, all the necessary procedure has to be done within 24 hours after the complaint gets registered. And along 2 other officers who will collaborate with the Indian government to work on the complaints.

The social media platforms are answerable to the government of India. And upon asking they will have to trace the originator of mischievous messages and fake news. But the grievance officer will have to work from India. And all the work should be carried out from India and they should be based in India.

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So, the fake news and fake account will be traced and the user’s information has to be verified in the beginning. This will help the government to trace the person. Who is trying to spread disharmony and try to ruin the countries name?

Upon blocking your account the companies are answerable to the users. And upon asking they will have to give a valid reason to the user for blocking the account.

New Rules for Social Media Platforms Laid by Indian Govt

Besides this the OTT platforms will have to categories the data based on the age group and gender. Plus the content will have to go through the censor board. And only after getting approved the content should be put under the respected categories. The OTT platforms will have to follow all the rules. And regulations which are being followed by the Indian press and the TV channels.

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