Cells at Work Season 2 Episode 8: Release Date, And Preview

‘Cells at Work’ is popular by the name ‘Hataraku Saibou’. It first premiered on July 8, 2018. It started airing season 2 on January 9, 2021. It has gained huge fans in a small time. It revolves around the cells of the human body. The story about the various problems faced by AE3803(A Red Blood Cell) and U-1146(A White Blood Cell) inside the human body.

Cells at Work Season 2 Episode 8:

‘Cells at Work’ is a Japanese manga series. It is written by Akane Shimizu. Cells at Work Season 2 Episode 8 is named as ‘Cancer Cell II’. It is all about the Cancer Cells and its battle with the ordinary Takahashi. The series is developed by David Production Studios. Yuko Kakihara is the scriptwriter of this series and the character designs were handled by Takahiko Yoshida.

Cells at Work Season 2 Episode 8: Release Date, And Preview


In Episode 7, the Memory T Cell leads the attack while fighting with the cancer cells. Cancer cell to be part of the body the Regulatory T Cell steps in to stop the further assault. T Cell defeats the 3 immune cells. Cancer Cell traps U-1146 and transforms by the intake of Carcinogens in the toxic gas.

Ordinary Cells run into numerous harmful bacteria. It tries to get safely with the Lactic Acid Bacterium. The battle against the Cancer Cell may continue in Episode 8. The Lactic Acid Bacterium may find a way to help Cancer Cells.

The viewers can view the latest episode on ‘Funimation’ with English subtitles and original Japanese audio. Mexican and other Latin American viewers can watch with Spanish subtitles and Brazilian viewers can watch with Portuguese subtitles. Viewers in European Countries like Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and Sweden can watch on ‘Wakanim’ with English subtitles. All the viewers can also watch it on ‘AnimeLab’.

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