Saudi Arabian Government Opens up New Opportunities for the Women of the Kingdom.

In male-dominated countries and the world, it’s difficult for women to take her place and create an identity of their own. Though the world now has started giving her respect and her place in society there are still many countries where still female society suffer. Where they are still struggling for their basic rights. They still get abused and tortured. Saudi3 Arabia is one such country where women are still struggling for freedom.

Saudi Arabian government 

Our sisters in Saudi Arabia live a life which we can’t even imagine. They dine of their basic rights. The women in Saudi Arabia dine form travelling abroad and to keep a passport without the consent3 if male relatives. They can’t register birth, divorce and marriage without the male relative’s consent nor she can move out of an abusive marriage and family. They are not allowed to dress-up and use cosmetics that show or enhance her Beauty nor she’s allowed to try clothes in the changing rooms of the mall.

The women there are not allowed to talk to their male counterparts. They can’t take part in sports nor can represent their County, State, a village in the field of sport. Besides all these daily life restrictions they are not allowed to choose a profession she wants to be in. There are only limited jobs which women in Saudi Arabia can do this includes teaching jobs and similar jobs.

Things in Saudi Arabia started changing when Prince Mohammed bin Salman came to power in 2017. He came up with some new surprising reforms in 2019. The reforms include permission for women to travel alone without the consent of the male relative. They now can register marriage, divorce and birth without prior permission from male relatives. There are some new set of reforms that the Kingdom came up with.

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The reforms include increasing the women workforce in the countries economic from 20 -30%. Educating them and letting them be someone I live. As an initiative to reforms 2030, Mohammed came up with one more surprising reform which now allowed women to join the countries’ defence sector. This area was restricted to only men and women were not allowed to join the defence.

Under the new reforms, women between 21 – 40 years of age with 155 centimetres of height can join the countries defence. They need to clear the admission exams before joining the defence based on which they will be recruited. Women can join the Saudi Arabian Army, Royal Saudi Air defence, Royal Saudi Navy, Royal Saudi Strategic Missile force and Armed Forces Medical Services.

They will get an appointment as soldiers, Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant and staff sergeant. Besides opportunities in the military sector women now can join jobs like cashier and waiting tables in restaurants. Earlier these roles were assigned to a male and women were restricted from doing these jobs. Now as they3 are allowed to join the defence we wish to see them completely free and who can live her life on their terms and conditions.

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