Allen V Farrow: A Darkly Portrayed Documentary On Woody Allen

So HBO just dropped a new show or to be precise a new American documentary on Woody Allen. The documentary is produced by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering So who is Woody Allen?

Woody Allen, is an 86 year old Film director, writer, actor, and comedian. He has given Hollywood multiple numbers of Academy Awards for his work. Allen is known as the ‘Treasure of the Cinema.’ But we are not here to talk about his achievements and work. We are here to discuss why Woody got a documentary made on him.

Story Behind The ‘Allen V Farrow’

Filmmaker and on-screen artist Woody Allen were blamed by his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow, at that seven, for her sexually attacked by him within the domesticity of their home.

When the allegation was made, Allen and Mia Farrow had been in a 12-year relationship and had three children together: two adopted, Dylan and Moses, and one biological, Ronan Farrow. Allen made statements about his horrendous act that he did all this in the act of vengeance on his former wife, Mia Farrow.

Allen V Farrow: A Darkly Portrayed Documentary On Woody Allen

According to the expert, Mia Farrow hired, because she was worried about her daughter Dylan. On a visit to a Pediatrician, Dylan had made the charge of mishandling “in fits and starts”, and in a way that “set a tone for a child about how to answer” and Dylan told Farrow that she had been with Allen within the attic where he had touched her private parts.

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Till this date, Dylan had been concrete and true to her statements.

Exploring the Docuseries

The series puts the spotlight on the sexual abuse Dylan faced. There are some exclusive videotapes of the life of Farrows and Allen, which were never aired due to controversies. Episode 1 already reached over 1 million total views which was premiered on February 21, 2021.

After its release, it got mixed reviews, till this date Allen is denying the allegations. “These documentarians had no interest in the truth,” Allen and his wife and adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn said in a statement.

Allen V Farrow: A Darkly Portrayed Documentary On Woody Allen

Even the  Skyhorse publishers who released Woody’s 2020 memoir “Apropos of Nothing,” expressed that they were upset and angry with how episode 1 came out. They commented, “We will take the legal action we deem necessary to redress our and Woody Allen’s rights in his intellectual property.”

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