Artists who are not excited to be a superhero/Supervillain in MCU:

Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most profitable franchises ever. It has given us a few of the most memorable superheroes ever. There are many great actors, who are part of this franchise. And there are some actors which got famous because they work in it. And it has been quite profitable for their paychecks too. But because Marvel Cinematic Universe is owned by one of the biggest studios in the world i.e, Disney. Sometimes the actors despise the MCU because of creative differences as well as some other reasons. So, here is a few artists who regretted being a part of MCU.


Hugo Weaving is one of the best actors of his time. He has worked with great directors on their projects. Projects like The Lord of The Rings, All the parts of Matrix, V for Vendetta, The Hobbit, Transformers, Hacksaw Ridge. He also became a part of MCU when he appeared in the role of Red Skull. He once stated that it was a good experience working on a project as big as Captain America but he will not do it again as the character is not interesting for him. He would like to work in more creative roles than Red Skull.


Idris Elba is one of the finest and one of the smartest looking actors in Hollywood. He has been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from Thor’s first part. He has been playing the character of Heimdall. A character who is a guardian of the doors to Asgard, Bifröst. He has been playing the role for a long time and in quite some movies. But in an interview, he said that he is doing this role because of the contract he had signed with Disney and he can’t break it. But the good news for him is that his role ended. Now he is focused on more diverse kinds of roles other than being Heimdall.

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Natalie Portman is a name that has been in Hollywood for a long time. She is one of the biggest stars of Hollywood and one of the highest paying stars. Her choices of roles ranged from a princess to a great ballerina. She has been a part of one of the biggest and famous franchises in Hollywood, Star Wars. She also became a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe from Thor’s first part like Idris Elba. She has been also quite vocal about her role in MCU. She said she enjoyed being a part of this cinematic universe but she do not want to be a part for more.

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