US returns to its Agreements: Calls for Action on Climate and COVID 19

Joe Biden

The 46th President of the United States Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. aka Joe Biden. He’s a member of the Democratic Party and has served Barak Obama (2009-2017) as 47th Vice President. Biden has been working notably for the people of America. Moreover, he has signed agreements to make American out of any danger.

US returns to its Agreements: Calls for Action on Climate and COVID 19

Biden has finally announced that he is going to return to his transatlantic partnership and have addressed to take initial steps to prevent Global Warming and Global pandemic COVID 19. Moreover, he is preparing his country people to deal with any future pandemics like COVID 19, which has become a lesson for the people.

The agreements: COVID19 and Global Warming.

He with other members of the Capitals is trying to manage a system that will be focusing on biological threats and can provide instant actions.

Biden addressed the attendees at the virtual Munich Security Conference that,” I’m sending a clear message to the world: America is back. The transatlantic alliance is back. And we are not looking backward”.

US returns to its Agreements: Calls for Action on Climate and COVID 19

Also, he referred to the messy US-Europe relations because of former President, Donal Trump. He says, “I know the past few years have strained and tested the transatlantic relationship… The United States is determined to re-engage with Europe. Washington will work closely with its EU partners to meet the shared challenges and will continue to support the goals of Europe.”

Biden gave clarity and emphasised that the US is thoroughly bounded to its alliance with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and also he stated that his comptrollers will be working jointly with European Union (EU) partners and the capitals across the continents.

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Climate Action: What Guterres has to say?

Antonio Guterres who is the UN Secretary-General has confirmed that the US has returned to the Paris Agreement which is made to take global action for climate change and they have decided to achieve net-zero emission by 2050.

“Today is a day of hope, as the United States officially rejoins the Paris Agreement. This is good news for the United States, and for the world. For the past four years, the absence of a key player created a gap in the Paris Agreement, a missing link that weakened the whole. So today, as we mark the United States re-entry into this treaty, we also recognize its restoration, in its entirety, as its creators intended. ‘Welcome back’,” says Guterres in a virtual meeting.

US returns to its Agreements: Calls for Action on Climate and COVID 19

“The Paris Agreement is our pact with our descendants and the whole human family. This is the race of our lifetimes. We must go much faster, and much farther. It is within our power to build a future of renewable energy and green infrastructure that protects people and the planet and ensures prosperity for all. Let’s get to work” Guterres

However, the Paris Agreement was signed on April 22, 2016, by the United States. Later, which was confirmed by accepting the agreement on September 3, 2016. But later under the Donal Trump government, he announced that cooperation in any agreement would come to end. Slowly and steady withdrawal began on November 4, 2020.

Biden is prepared to provide maximum assistance to the country people, just like a good ruler should be doing.

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