The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 17: Release Date & Preview

Walking dead is one of the most popular shows in America and around the world. The show’s backdrop is a zombie apocalypse and some people need to survive. they have to find a home where they can be safe from being killed and turned into a zombie. It is the only show that competed with Game Of Thrones in its own manner.

The group has been lead by a police officer, Rick Grimes. In the beginning, he wakes up from a coma and slowly realized the whole scenario about the zombie outbreak. This could have been a cliche old zombie flick, but this show is more about the journey of a character through hell. This is about surviving the apocalypse with people you sometimes hate. This is about trust and betrayal, internal struggles and sacrifices, and a lot of Action.


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Angela Kang, The creator of the show already confirmed the extra episodes in season 10 at San Diego Comic-Con. After the release of all the episodes for this season, it will be the longest season in the history of Walking dead, i.e, in all the 10 seasons of The Walking Dead. It will have 22 episodes altogether. The next episode i.e, episode 17 will be aired on the 28th of February this year. All the episodes will be released systematically i.e., every week of the month.
The names of all the new six episodes are, Home Sweet Home, Find Me, One More, Splinter, Diverged, and Here’s Negan.


Episode 17 will run for 41 min. And the viewers will know what happened to Maggie since she was nowhere to be seen since season 9. There’s also some mystery behind Elijah’s mask. There is something hidden behind it. We will also get a glimpse of that mystery in our upcoming episodes. A threat that can be as deadly as death has arrived in Alexandria. we see dead bodies and homes burned and chaos. There an uncertainty in the air. And we will finally get some answers about Maggie-Negan.

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