Technology busier week as Apple launches free repair program, Samsung came up with new phone and much more..

This week we have seen the launch of new smartphones, System updates, new privacy policy and much more. It was very busy week in the world of technology as apple came up with free repair program, Samsung launched new series of smartphones, Chromebooks outsells Apple laptops and much more in the series. Here is the list of activities that took place last week in the world of technology. As humans and technology are inseparable we must keep ourselves updated with everything.

Samsung Latest Launch

Google came up with the Android 12 version which is said to get launched this year. Key features of Android 12 include protecting the privacy of the user’s along with more data transparency. Other features include High-quality videos with less data , better image quality and gaming experience. Apps to function smoothly and efficiently.

Apple launched a free repair program for the series if smartwatches after getting repeated complaints form the user’s. Watches eligible for the free repair include Apple Watch serious 5 and SE. The Google Chromebook was competing with Microsoft and Apple laptops. The Google Chromebook won the competition and managed to outsell the Apple laptops.

Mercedes Benz is all set to recall it’s vehicles due to the software glitch. The glitch was discovered last year after the company’s research work. The glitch hasn’t caused any physical damage to the vehicle nor any injuries have taken place. The glitch is said to show the difference in the location of the vehicle. The vehicles called for recall are all class model’s which are recalled from 1st April. Around 13 lakh cars are recalled.

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Samsung had launched series of smartphones which includes Galaxy F62 and Galaxy A12. Both are quad-camera smartphones said to get launched this month. Harman Kardon launched its sound stick in India. It’s available for sale in retail stores. Panasonic too launched the series of connected devices. This includes fans, washing machine, refrigerator, digital switches and Wi-Fi. Twitter too rolled out it’s new update that includes a Direct voice messages system.

Google rolled out meet and classroom updates. This provides more tools to the students and teachers to make online teaching an enjoyable experience. Lenovo too has launched its smartwatches with an inbuilt goods assistant. Poco India the smartphone brand too launched its new logo last week.

WhatsApp’s privacy policy became a judicial case which will be now taken care by the higher court after Indian users demanded to the court to protect their privacy and rights. Share it too faced some vulnerability last week.

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