Thor 4: Chris Hemsworth Stuntman Reveals Mjolnir’s Return.

Thor: Love and Thunder is an upcoming American movie that is based on Marvel comic character Thor. This movie is produced by Walt Disney Studios. 

Thor: Love and Thunder

 The film is directed by Taika Waititi. Now the stars are Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tessa ThompsonNatalie PortmanChristian BaleChris PrattJaimie Alexander etc.

When Will Thor: Love And Thunder Start Production?

Usually, we all know that is not possible to start the production work in these days. But the creator said that they plan to start their shooting in 2021. Of course, it is not possible to everyone to start their production work due to the Pandemic. That’s why the creator will issue new series in 2022. The Thor new series title will be Thor: Love and Thunder. In this movie, Chris Hemsworth will come back with his character.

In this we are not talking about any character but we will talking about Mjolnir, a hammer. This is a hammer of Thor.

Mjolnir: The hammer of God

Mjölnir is the hammer of the god Thor (in Norse mythology), this  is used for both devastating weapon and divine instrument to provide blessings.

In this the director Taika focused on the most powerful weapon of Thor. As we all already watched the previous season of Thor.  Thor: Ragnarok, in that season Hela met the brothers just after Odin’s (Anthony Hopkins) death in a Norwegian field and changed the very essence of the film series by having Hela destroy Mjolnir.

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It is very shocking for all their fans and one more thing that they even did not explain what they had done, why they had done etc.

Mjolnir will be back

So in the next season of Thor Mjolnir will be back. Yes this is good news for the fans. Actually, there is a video in that bases the sources said this news.

The video started with a roped-up Hanton standing near a stunt matt, Mjolnir in hand. Hemsworth’s double starts running toward the matt and, after about three steps, leaps and reaches a superheroic height about 20 feet in the air thanks to his stunt ropes.”

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