Opera Singers Generous act of helping the Covid Patients with Breathing.

Covid has changed a lot and nothing remained in effect. Daily life, households, businesses, industries and anything and everything on earth was affected by the Pandemic. In these difficult times too people helped each other, there stood beside each other, cared and loved everyone with the same affection like before. We all appreciated the efforts of our frontline workers who stood there to help us 24×7, who didn’t even care for their lives still there are some who are always ready to help out. So let’s recognize their efforts and support them for this nobel cause.

Opera singers generous act of helping.

The English National Opera and the London hospital came up with this six weeks breathing training program recently. The program is basically about helping the Covid patients in their long-term recovery form it. The patient in spite of getting fully recovered faced breathing problems, chest pain and many more post-Covid symptoms. The doctors were really worried about the health of the patient as breathlessness was the main Symptom of Covid – 19.

Doctors didn’t knew what could have been done in such a sensitive situation until the opera singer tutor Jenny Mollica came up with this six weeks breathing training program. Jenny came up with this when she saw that Covid -19 cases are drastically increasing and that the patient suffers even after the recovery. Jenny contacted the respiratory specialist, Dr.Sarah Elkin, at countries biggest public hospital network imperial College N.H.S Trust. Elkin who too used to sing jazz felt that vocal training would really help the patients and welcomed Jenny and her team for this good cause.

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Initially only 12 patients were recruited for this program. First there was one on one session where in the patients discussed their Covid -19 experiences which was followed by weekly group sessions which was held online. Suzi Zumpe started the program and she’s leading the program. Initially she started ti teach the patients posture and breath control. The patients were introduced to humming and singing. It was thought online and the patients are encouraged to practice the same daily at home.

The program was started with the main motive to motivate the patients to make the most use of their lungs which were badly affected by the virus. The program even intended to help the patients breathe calmly and handle anxiety as there’s a long way to go. The patients in most of their interviews expressed their feelings after the program and were really happy and satisfied with the program.

It really changed the health of their lungs along with their mental and emotional health. Patients felt connected and loved the weekly sessions which gave them chance to meet people and share their stories and experiences. Along with the training the patients were also given access to some online resources like downloadable sheet music, refresher videos, Spotify playlist etc.

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