Musk the Most Influential tech CEO. Things that proves it all.

There are very few people whose words make people go mad, people take up any risky decision without giving it a second thought. They have power in their word to convince people. People then don’t see which County they are from, which religion they belong to and cast they are from they follow their footsteps of taking some really serious and risky decisions in life. Which lead them to the path of success.

Musk the most influential tech CEO.

Elon Musk world’s richest man and engineering, business magnate and engineering is among the most influential CEO in the world. He is a founder, CEO, CTO, and Chief designer of SpaceX. Hi is the most influential tech CEO in the world and his words has the power to change everything. Here’s a list of things that proves Musk being the most influential tech CEO in the world.

Earlier this month Musk tweeted praising a song of singer Darude. He tweeted saying “ Sandstorm is a masterpiece”. Since there is no mention of the song people thought that he praised the company Sandstorm and soon after the tweet there was a 55% rise in the company’s share price. Musk tweeted saying “Use Signal”. Soon after that single became the most downloaded app and people stopped using WhatsApp and switched to Signal. Not only the app but the company named ‘ Advance’ saw a 12000% rise in it’s share price soon after the tweet.

Tesla who’s co–owned by Musk recently announced that it’s going to buy Bitcoin worth $1.5 million and payments would be excepted through cryptocurrency. Soon after that price of Bitcoins value surged to all new heights. Tesla had announced a launch bottle of Tequila worth $250 in November 2020 with the restriction of 2 bottles per person. But no restriction really mattered to people and it all git sold out in no matter of time.

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Musk tweeted against Robinhood’s certain decision and he also I reviewed the CEO of Robinhood Vlad Tenev. This was after Robinhood stopped trades of few companies. Musk asked Tenev about what happened and how the people want the truth. Dogecoin saw an increase in it’s share price upto 1500% after Musk tweeted about it and after he brought it for his son.

Musk tweeted sharing his liking for the e-commerce website Etsy. He tweeted saying “ he’s a big fan of Etsy”. After the tweet, Etsy saw a rise of $2 billion in the company’s value. Clubhouse saw a rise in it’s users after Musk started using clubhouse. Similarly, musk said one word “gamestonk” and GameStop show 92% increase in its users in one day.

Musk introduced Tesla shorts before introducing Tequila and unlike the Tequila the Tesla shorts got sold out in no time. This proves it all how Musk’s words have power and how madly people are influenced by him.

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