Ariana Grande Latest Song Test Drive 2021 Launched Today: Cast And Behind The Scenes

Ariana had been giving The Arianators songs like Thank you in the year 2019 and Positions in the year 2020. Both the songs blew up on social media, Tik Tok and Instagram reels. Positions especially got public on Instagram Reels in other parts of the world and in India.

Ariana Grande has officially confirmed that Arinators will get to listen to four new tracks on the deluxe version of her latest music album ‘Positions’. Positions as a song have had been still a jam for a lot of Arianators.

Ariana shared glimpses of the new position tracks on Wednesday on her Twitter and Instagram feed. The Position Singer could not wait to drop her songs from her music album. She mentioned that she will be releasing four songs which are Someone Like U (Interlude), Test Drive, Worst Behavior, and Main Thing.


Ariana Grande latest song Test Drive 2021 launched today:Cast and behind the scenes

When is Ariana dropping her TestDrive Song?

Ariana dropped the Test drive on Friday, 19th of February. She shared the tracklist on her social media.

Ariana Grande latest song Test Drive 2021 launched today:Cast and behind the scenes

How have been Arinators reacting to the song TestDrive?

Arianators have been flipping over since Ariana dropped Test Drive on her  Instagram and Youtube Channel. Fans heard a glimpse of the song and are super excited and happy. The fans are impressed with the song. “Oh my god test drive sounds so good I JUST COLLAPSED,” one Arianator commented on the feed.


Another Arinator added, “OMG ARIANAAA, THEY ARE INCREDIBLY GOOD.” Still others responded with the title of the song — or, in many cases, songs — they’re most excited to hear the full version of the song.

Many of her fans were unable  to pick a song as many people choose  with “all of the above.”

What are Ariana’s thoughts about her album?

It looks like Ariana is looking forward to the release of the remaining songs of the album.“I always envisioned them coming out as a part of this era, this chapter, this storyline, this album,” Ariana previously said of the new tracks. “It felt like they needed to be heard and they needed to kind of give the album a second life down the line,” she said.


Ariana Grande latest song Test Drive 2021 launched today:Cast and behind the scenes


Looks like 2021 is a musical year for Ariana and Arianators. The official music video for “34+35”  released on January 14 that featured Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion. All three of them are relaxing, chilling luxuriously, and are in lingerie, having a great time together in the music video. After it released,  Emmy-winning actor Kerry Washington wanted to join the fun. She tweeted for all three of them saying “If there is a 34+35 remix to the remix…I am available! Just wanted to throw that out there.

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