Rage 2 Free for Limited Time: Claim now, here how You can

As we all know, the Epic games store is now one of the most popular game stores around the world. And the best part of this store is that in every week they give a chance to get paid games for free download to their users. In this week also epic games give a 100 percent discount of their two popular games. The one is Absolute Drift and the other one is Rage 2. But the gamers are too excited to know about the Rage 2.

So, if you are curious to know about this then I can assure you that, this article will help you a lot.

Rage 2 is now free on the Epic games store

Like, every week this week too, epic games give a hundred percent discount on Rage 2. So, there is a big opportunity for the game lovers who till not tried this one, can download and play with invest a single penny. Usually, the company charges $60 for this game. Which is probably a very huge amount in comparison to others.

But the epic games store gives a golden opportunity to all of you to play it freely. So, go and grab the opportunity because the offer is valid till 25th February.

But if you not have a good concept about this game, then the next paragraph is for you.

About Rage 2

Rage 2 is launched on 14th May 2019. It’s a first-person shooter game that you can play in you windows computer, play station 4 and Xbox one also. The game is developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.

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How to download it free of cost?

If you want to download and install this game, then firstly you have to download Epic games launcher on your pc. Then simply you have to sign in or sign up with your personal details. Then search for Rage 2 or go to the free section of this week. Here you can find the game. Now you can simply download it by a single click.

But hurry this a limited-time offer. After 25th February you have to pay $60 dollar if you want to download it.

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