Stranger Things’ Season 4 Will Be the Darkest Season Yet

Stranger Things is a science fiction series of America. This series is created by Duffer Brothers. This series was first premiered on July 2016.

Stranger Things: A science fiction series

Its first season focused on an investigation of a young boy who disappeared because of supernatural events which are occurred in their town.

The cast of Stranger Things and who will back with the new season?

The cast of this series are – David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby, Gaten Matarazzo, Noah Schnapps, Joe Kerry.

There are some stars who left the series but now they return back with new series. It includes- Noah Schnapp, Millie Bobby, Gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard. And also someone very special and favorite Winona Ryder also returns in this season.

When will Stranger Things season 4 be released?

David Harbour revealed that” Stranger Things 4 was scheduled to be released in early 2021. However, due to the delay in production following the coronavirus outbreak, the release date will likely be closer to spring 2021.” 

When he came in live on Instagram then he shared that they are not able to release the new series. The main reason behind that is Pandemic.

How dark, you ask?

There is a rumor about the new season of Stranger Things. Everyone is saying that this season is very dark.  “According to series star Finn Wolfhard, who started the show looking like a small child and now looks like a full-grown adult who is still playing a kid, Stranger Things season 4 is going to be the “darkest season ever been [made].” Sounds pretty dark!”

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If you are excited and want to know about it so it is beneficial for you to see the teaser which has been already released on Netflix.

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