New species Found: Life Possible Under 3000 Layers of Ice in Antarctica!

Have you ever thought life or any living organism will be found under the thousand layers of ice and too accidentally? Human researches never fail to amaze a human imagination. With this upgrading technology, we can achieve things we never imagined to achieve. Here’s how scientists and researchers found a living organism in Antarctica during their ice testing process.

How did it got discovered?

As per the previous theories and human understanding, it was believed that no living organism will be able to survive in extreme conditions. British Antarctica Survey Experts were drilling through the 2,860 feet of ice and another 1,240 feet of water when their camera stumbled upon the canon. When the footage was viewed later, they noticed that their camera has recorded something out of the box thing.

Experts then noticed and examined carefully and found two animals stuck upon The Filchner-Ronne ice shelf. Filchner-Ronne ice shelf is a huge ice sheet that stretches out from Antarctica. It is spread in more than 5,90,000 feet but just a little of it has been explored.

Is Life Possible Under 3000 Layers of Ice in Antarctica ?

What Kind of species has been found?

Scientists and researchers haven’t been able to conclude what kind of species are they. As per them, it’s a new and unique species which haven’t got discovered yet. Scientists believe it sponge kind of species.

Scientists were studying the area under the ice sheets and founded various creatures like jellyfish, worms, etc but even in the back of their minds, they have expected to find something unique and that too in such deep layers of ice. Initially, when they hit the bottom, they thought it was mud but on looking carefully, they found two sponge look-alike species stuck with it. 

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Is Life Possible Under 3000 Layers of Ice in Antarctica ?

What is the further expectation?

Scientists are going to dig further in the order to find some new species but no confirmation can be given. They will research in deep now to understand and to study how these species managed to survive. They will also try to find the answer to the question ‘Is life possible in such a freezing temperature and dark area, and if it’s possible then how?’

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