A 21-Year-Old Climate Activist, Disha Ravi got Arrested. Why?

Disha Ravi, who is a 21 year old climate activist who have studied Bachelor of Business Administrative from a private college in Bengaluru. She, who is a one of the founding members of a social group called ‘Friday for Future India’. It is a social group which is also a Global Enviroment Movement in 2018 August after Thunderberg called for school strike for the climate change.

Why Disha Ravi got arrested?

Activist Ravi is allegedly accused of spreading the “toolkit” of the farmers’ protest and posting it on her timeline as well. She is also being accused of helping in the creation of the “toolkit” which is in other words a guide related to Farmers Protest. Disha Ravi’s grandparents were also grandparents and as per Ravi’s previous statements, she felt and could understand the situation of the farmers in the country and couldn’t stop herself from raising a voice.A 21-Year-Old Climate Activist, Disha Ravi got Arrested. Why?

Disha Ravi’s court hearing and custody?

The co-founder of ‘Friday for Future India’ was presented in the court last Sunday 14 February 2021. The court remanded five-day police custody to Disha based on her being involved in the spreading and creation of the ‘toolkit’ of the Farmers Protest which was later a share by the environmental activist Thunberg on Twitter. As per the police statement, Disha was found closely involved in the formation of this Google Document, ‘Toolkit’. Police also found Disha accused of asking Thunberg to remove the first page of the document as it reveals the incriminating evidence which came into the public notice, and people started putting up questions against it.

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A 21-Year-Old Climate Activist, Disha Ravi got Arrested. Why?


Is a 21-year old environmental activist is a threat to such a big nation, that the officials could found the only way to shut her mouth was by arresting her? In a country that calls itself the biggest Democratic country and gives its citizens the right of voice and then finds a way or another to lower their voice? Will Disha Ravi have to pay for standing up and speaking out for what she believes.

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