Korean Actor, Hwang In Youp and Moon Ga Young Secret Relationship

Hwang In Youp, a 30-year-old Korean actor who recently acquired the fame the famous Korean Drama ‘True Beauty’ based on a webtoon. In-Youp made his debut through a web drama ‘Why’ in 2018, started to get all the love from girls all over the world because of his strong character as Han Seo-Jun in his recent drama. In-youp initially started his career as a model and now attracting all the attention with his charm and calm personality. 

Why Hwang In Youp Instagram handle isn’t verified yet? 

In December 2020 a drastic change in the number of followers of In youp was seen. After the release of ‘True Beauty’ few episodes, people started loving the bad boy character Han Seo Jun. As per some critics, it was believed that the character Seo-Jun was made for Hwang In Youp only. With the smirky smile and dark personality, Hwang In Youp gathered a lot of female attraction and within several days his followers changed from ‘K’ (thousand) to ‘M’ (Million) but even after having more than 7.5M followers, his account is still not verified. When researched it, we got to understand the algorithm of Instagram, and as per that Hwang In Youp needs to change the ditto character from his display picture in order to get verified on Instagram.

Things You Need to Know About the Korean Actor, Hwang In Youp

Is Hwang In Youp and Moon Ga Young secretly have a crush on each other?

After some videos or short clips got circulated on Instagram which were from the last day shoot of True Beauty, Moon Go Young was seen admiring Hwang In Youp. None of the artists commented on the matter but none didn’t close anything about their respective relationship status as well.

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It is assumed that the fans of the drama wanted a sequel or another ending of the drama where these two characters fell in love after the departure of Han Soo Ho, similar to what happened in the webtoon. Their amazing chemistry might have made the fans feel about the secret attraction between these two, but nothing is there between them.

Things You Need to Know About the Korean Actor, Hwang In Youp

Facts about Hwang In Youp  

During high school, he wanted to be a fashion designer. As per his relationship status, He is single and is not ready to mingle. With the current peak of his popularity, it will Hwang In Youp will take some time to get out of the image of Han Seo Jun. He initially started his modeling career under KeyEast and is still under them. He loves singing and released an Ost for the same drama, song name is ‘It starts today’ but since the day that drama ended, a million fans are sad.

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