To All The Boys 4: Lana Condor and Noah Centineo on Possible Part 4, Release Date Updates

When you hear anything remotely of the movie To All The Boys, the first thing that comes to mind is aesthetics; yes, the romance of LJ and PK is something that got all of us swooning over but aesthetics is sure a part of it.

Every shot and every scene is truly a feast for the eyes in terms of the dialogue, backdrop, and chemistry between all the characters to name it.

With To All The Boys: Always and Forever, the 3rd movie in the franchise just released on Netflix, their prime broadcasting platform, fans just want a Part 4 to release soon. The 3rd part dealt with the prevailing question of the couple finishing high college and going off to college. 

Problems arose between the duo like anything but finally love truly won and they followed their hearts and went separate ways pong to make a long-distance relationship work and just truly thrilled to write love letters, which bright them together in the first place.

To All The Boys 4: Lana Condor and Noah Centineo on Possible Part 4, Release Date Updates

The rom-com plot

The plot deals with Lara Jane played by Lana Condor writing love letters to all her crushes from when she was a little girl in kindergarten to up until now and storing them in a pretty cute box away from them, invisible to the whole world.

However her naughty much-loved character Katherine Played by Anna Cathcart, her sister sends these letters out to those people and Peter Kavinsky played by the dashing Noah Centineo is one among her crushes aka recipients of the letter.

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They eventually fall in love and which follows through Part 2 and into Part 3. One of the most adorable moments of Parts 3 is when Petr writes a letter to LaraJean, about how she likes to be called at a time when their relationship is going through a very rocky point about their meet-cute; meet-cute is the adorable moment when the two characters meet each other for the first time.

Noah Centineo’s voice just lifts us out of the sphere and makes us yearning for more while Lana Condor steals our hearts with her adorable self and super cute cookies. 

 Will To All the Boys Part 4 happen?

The movie franchise is based on the adult romance novels by Jenny Han with the same title. The original To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before released in 2018 was the only planned movie but with the success of it, the giant platform asked to get the movie adaptation of the remaining books too.

Jenny Han has only written up until Part 3 but that doesn’t mean there would be a movie adaption right; hopefully, something works out and Part 4 is something we would all want.

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