Who is Meadow Walker? Everything You Need to Know About Paul Walker’s Daughter:

You all know who Paul Walker was if you are not living under a rock. He was one of the best actors in Hollywood. He became famous because of his role in the franchise, Fast and Furious. He had a great journey but unfortunately, he died in a car accident in Valencia, California on the 30th of November 2013. He was returning from the thing he loved the most, charity.

And if you have seen his interviews, he always mentioned his little daughter, Meadow Walker. He loved her only daughter more than anything in the world. She was born on the 4th of November 2013. She is the only child of Paul Walker and Rebeccas McBrian. Meadow’s full name is Meadow Rain Walker.


Right now, She’s 22 years old and looks beautiful. She is also famous on Instagram with almost 1.8 million followers. despite being the daughter of late actor Paul Walker, she made her own name in this world, her own identity, and not just Paul Walker’s daughter. She has been pursuing her career as a model and she will go on to become an actress. She could get some help from Hollywood as she’s not a new face in this industry.

She lived with her mother on the islands of Hawaii until she was 13 but had to move out because her mother was an alcoholic. That’s why moved to California to live with her father, Paul Walker. When she became 15, Paul Walker died in that tragic accident. After that, her mother fought legally with Paul Walker’s parents or Meadow Walker’s brand parents for the legal custody of her.

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Now, She is also like her father and does good to the world like her father too. That’s why she is in the footsteps of her father. Paul Walker is known for his charitable work alongside his acting career. That’s why Meadow started a charity in the name of her father, “The Paul Walker Foundation” and has been running it since then. When she became financially independent, she moved to New York to live on her own. She is also close to the cast of Fats Furious and especially with the children of Vin Diesel.

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