Rob Riggle and Tiffany Riggle Still Married? Divorce & Relationship Timeline

2020 truly welcomed us with the shocking news of Tiffany Riggle filing for divorce from the superstar Hangover star, Rob Riggle. The adorable couple who had married in 1999 April eventually separated in 2020 May. 

Differences in opinion and the fact that both of them wanted different things out of the marriage were stated as the primary reason for filing the divorce.

They have a beautiful daughter Abigail and an adorable son, George together and their love was truly one for the books. Read in to find out how the 21 years of reunion broke and their relationship timeline. 

Rob Riggle and Tiffany Riggle Still Married? Divorce & Relationship Timeline

The divorce

The interior designer when she filed for the divorce proclaimed the joint custody of both of their children in her statement and has also included various properties under the head of the community including bank accounts, homes at several locations, and her share in the interest f their vodka and whiskey companies.

His ex-wife has always supported his work and looked up to him for inspiration. Something she has always wondered is how much amazing it is to see your work in front of you after it is created in your head, written out, and understanding the traits of the characters. 

Rob Riggle and Tiffany Riggle Still Married? Divorce & Relationship Timeline

Relationship Timeline

The couple first met back in 1997 when Rob Riggle was just building up his career and making a niche for himself in the Tinseltown. After leaving his career in flight school, he had moved to New York, the city of dreams to truly pursue his dream o be a comedian.

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Talking about how they met and their first thoughts about each other, the actor recollected him being very nervous and shaking his hands like crazy. But once they started talking, they just hit it off and she found him just too funny!

They married just two years after dating and the couple was truly having the time of their life. The unforgettable performances of the comedian include the ones in Step Brothers, The Other Guys, and 21 Jump Street.

The comedian has also donned the hat of a correspondent on The Daily Show from 2006 to 2008. He was also a superhit on Saturday Night live from 2004 to 2005.

His long-standing amazing comedic partnership with Rob Huebel is something always cherished. Kung Fu Grip is the blockbuster hit of the duo for a couple of years and is definitely one of the best.

Stand up was what truly clicked for the talented actor. His part in the President of the Navy was truly acclaimed from 2011 to 2013 which in turn brought back the actor to his roots of improvisation and sketch-based shows.

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