Rice Purity Test Meaning: What is it? How to Take It & Score Meaning

Rice Purity Test

It is a self-grading survey where you grade yourself with a series of 100 questions. The grades make you realize how innocent you are. Moreover, the series of hundred questions are related to drugs, alcohol, sex, the law, and other different kinds of mischievous activities. However, the questions, in the beginning, are quite simple and innocent but later the level of nastiness increases as per the increase in the questions. So, the Zero score will be the least innocent, and score 100 will be the most innocent.

Rice Purity Test Meaning: What is it? How to Take It & Score Meaning

The Rice Purity test was created for the students of college so that their maturity level can be checked and they could bond easily with other classmen. Rice University developed the Rice Purity Test for their students. 1924 version is the original version of the test but we can see a lot of updated version has developed since then. This test is taken at the beginning of freshman year and at the end of senior year or it also can be taken on your birthday every year so that you know how much you have made progress since the last time.

Let’s see your test score

Rice Purity Test Meaning: What is it? How to Take It & Score Meaning

You can take the test from the official website of ricepuritytest. There’s nothing to be ashamed about your score. This test is all about having fun among friends. Such as, at house party’s you can play rice purity test with your friends as this can kill boredom.

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So, let’s just have a look at the scoreboard and let’s see how scores define your purity.

  1. 0-9 :

This score defines that you have done a few wild things which may include paying or being paid for sexual activities. Zero defines the most impure.

2. 9-44:

This is considered as somewhere below average which includes drugs, having sex in p public place and been in jail.

3. 45-76:

This may include alcohol, sexual activities and drugs.

4. 77-93:

This is considered the average score, by this score you are averagely pure. This may include the french kiss and have gone down under the belt.

5. 94-97: 

This sore defines you’re pure partially. Therefore, this may include holding hands with someone but haven’t done anything with them more than that.

6. 98-100:

This is the most innocent score. Therefore, this defines that you as pure as holy water. This score is slightly difficult for any 18 yr old student.


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