One Piece Chapter 1004: Release Date, Spoiler Discussion and Read Manga Online:

When One piece was published and individuals all around the world read it, they immediately became manga’s fans. The second chapter published and again the world adored it even more than the first chapter. They are presently prepared for One piece chapter 1004. It’s one of the biggest offering manga ever and we anticipate it to offer like its past ones. It has been 20 years since it’s first released and has ended up one of the three greatest anime and manga.


The story spins around an epic “Pirate King”, whose genuine title is Gol D. Roger. He was one of the foremost compelling pirates the world has ever seen. He indeed crossed through the grand line. But he was unfortunate and got captured by the government. He was sentenced to death. before he passed away, he told the world about a hidden treasure called One Piece.

After this incredible disclosure, numerous pirates have begun to find this treasure which will bring the Grand Age of Pirates. The one who will discover this treasure will be honored with the title of “Pirate King”. The story at that point moves forward with Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who consistently wanted to be a pirate since he was little because he was in wonder for this work. But he is no heartless like others. It’s a story about his escapade and uncovering dim riddles within the journey of finding One Piece.


It is set to be released on the 14th of February but the timing may differ according to time zones. For Pacific, it’s 9 am. For central, it’s 11 am. For Eastern, It’s 12 pm. For the British, It’s 5 pm. 2021.

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If you know the original language, you can read it on Viz Media’s Shonen Jump site.

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