Who Is Dominick Brascia? What Happened to him? Charlie Sheen Whistleblower

Previous teenager icon and artist Corey Feldman’s eagerly awaited narrative about a pedophilia ring in Hollywood is only weeks from its delivery. Called ‘(My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys’, it will recount the genuine story of Hollywood’s fat cats. Who was liable for his and his late closest companion Corey Haim’s sexual maltreatment when they were youngster entertainers. As the world holds up eagerly, we glance back at one part of the case, one that elaborates on the previous entertainer Dominick Brascia.

Who Is Dominick Brascia? What Happened to him? Charlie Sheen Whistleblower

Who Was Dominick Brascia?

Dominick Brascia was notable for his movies like ‘Friday the thirteenth: A New Beginning’, ‘My Life as a Troll’, and ‘Detestable Laugh’. He was launch to the spotlight and turned out to be everlastingly trapped in this story of two Coreys after he proceeded to promise to the National Enquirer in 2017 that Charlie Sheen, ‘More than two Men’ entertainer who was previously a Hollywood awful kid, had assaulted Corey Haim when he was 14 of every 1986 on the arrangement of the film ‘Lucas’.

What was the matter?

The story was a conspicuous stunner and Brascia asserted that before Haim passed on in 2010, he had informed him regarding it. “Haim disclosed to me he had intercourse with Sheen when they shot Lucas. He disclosed to me they smoked pot and engaged in sexual relations. He said they had anal sex. Haim said after it happened Sheen turned out to be freezing and dismissed him. At the point when Corey needed to dawdle once more, Charlie was not intrigued,” Brascia told the Enquirer, adding that they had intercourse again in a couple of years.

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“Haim disclosed to me he engaged in sexual relations with Sheen once more. He guaranteed he didn’t care for it and was at last over Sheen. He said Charlie was a washout,” Brascia told the power source. Haim had been dead for over seven years when this debate started and many ideas it was tacky of Brascia, who didn’t have an incredible acting profession and was blurring.

Nonetheless, the tables turned when Haim’s mom asserted that it wasn’t Sheen who had explicitly mishandled her child, yet it was Brascia. Judy Haim hammered the cases on the Doctor Oz Show the very year and said Brascia had explicitly attacked her child in 1987 during the creation of ‘The Lost Boys. “This person Dominick is the person that mishandled my child,” she said. “My child said as much.”

Who Is Dominick Brascia? What Happened to him? Charlie Sheen Whistleblower

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Sheen’s lawyers had passionately denied the claims against him and there were bits of gossip that Judy had been purchased by Sheen. “If you actually return and watch any meeting that my child ever gave, you would comprehend what I’m discussing. He didn’t shroud anything… Dominick was perched on my child, sticking him to the floor, not permitting him to move. I took a pool promptly, and he will recollect that, and I went so near his head and I said: ‘You better get off of him or I’m slamming your head in.’ And he got off of him and we left,” Judy said.

Before these disclosures, the mother said her child hadn’t been manhandled and that Feldman was making up stories to earn consideration. Brascia denied the cases and said they were only old buddies. Feldman was quiet at that point. His reps had said at that point, “Corey can just talk about his own encounters” and anything he was told by others is simply noise.” He had likewise been blamed for explicitly attacking Haim before this, in September 2016. Notwithstanding, it wasn’t paid attention to.

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What happened to Brascia?

Brascia, tragically, was rarely researched in the matter. He passed on before they could be investigated, on November 26, 2018. He passed on of common causes at 60 years old.

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