Did Selena Gomez Cheated on Charlie Puth with Justin Bieber: Relationship Timeline and Dating History

Celebrities are always misunderstood for their friendship and closeness with co-stars. Fans always think they are dating each other or are in a relationship. Selena Gomez’s name was also associated with many. Now Selena Gomez is said dating Charlie Puth. One rumor regarding their relationship is that Selena cheated on Puth with her Ex-boyfriend Bieber. Besides Bieber Salena had many relations. The timeline follows here.

Relationship Timeline and Dating History. 

Nick Jonas – Selena Name was first associated with the American singer, actor, and lyricist Nick Jonas. Both of them were in a short term relationship and dates each other briefly in 2008. In 2015 Salena Gomez opened up about her relationship with Nick and said “ It was like Puppy love, you know, it was very sweet.”

Taylor Lautner – Selena and Taylor met each other in 2009. When Selena was filming her ‘Ramona and Beezus’ in Vancouver where Taylor was busy shooting for his film ‘Twilight: New Moon’. Later the same year Selena declared that they broke up in the September issue of the Seventeen.

David Henrie – David played Selena’s television bother for Disney’s ‘ Wizards of Waverly Place’. After the show, they remained good friends in 201. They were rumored for dating each other in 2014. In the year 2017, David married Maria Cahill which was attended by Selena.

Justin Bieber- Selena and Justin had a five-year-long relationship that started in 2010. The relationship was a combination of romances and ups and downs. They first broke up in 2015 came back together in 2017. In 2018 they broke up for one last time followed by Justin’s marriage with their present wife. Selena had composed the song “ lose you to love you” after the breakup and Justin’s marriage.

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Zedd- Selena was seen dating Zedd in 2015. For fans, it only looked like a publicity stunt. Until Selena confirmed that the two were dating each other in July 2015.

Samuel Krost – Selena and Samuel belonged to the same friend circle. The fans assumed both dating each other when they were seen together for a vacation and when pictures of them holding hands and going for dinner got viral. The confirmation about them dating each other came from Samuel in August 2016.

Niall Horan- after Horon presented Selena with the award for the best pop video they were seen together. Photos of both hugging each other also got vital. They were seen together for a vacation in December 2015. They were again linked to each other in 2019. Niall on this said that he was very much single that year.

Orlando Bloom- In 2014 Selena and Orlando were photographed together. No confirmation came from any one of them about them dating each other but they were again seen together in 2016 for a party.

Selena is also said dating Weeknd in 2017. Now Selena’s name is associated with Charlie Puth whom she once dated in 2016. Charlie opened up about this relationship saying though they dated for a short period of time it was all messed up. He even says that Selena couldn’t overcome her relations with Bieber and while she was dating Puth she still felt the same for Bieber.

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