Addie Andrews? Oppressed Missionary Turned Into Pornstar, Life & Career

Switching careers in an individual’s life is a massive step and decision in one’s life as well as for one ‘s career and future. A lot of thinking, research, self-assessment, and determined decision making is required to execute before you explore a completely different route and career path that is the reason why people take time when it comes to one ‘s life-changing decision in their professional life.

One of the main reasons a person switches careers is that they want to actually do what they love to do and what is something they are passionate about. Just like that Addie Andrews did in her life and she feels proud of her life and career switch.

Addie Andrews?Oppressed Missionary Turned Into Pornstar, Life & Career

But who is Addie Andrews?

Addie Andrews grew up in a religious family in Washington, USA. She grew up in the Pacific Northwest where her parents expected their kids to follow a religious path in the missionary church.

Addie joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saint, as no one else in her family had ever done this before.

Her life as a devoted Mormon

Addie followed the rules of her new church. At the age of 18, she went on a mission where she converted herself, in the hope of converting people so that they can follow her spiritual path. Andrews followed the very strict and forbidden rules on premarital sex.

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Addie had sex before joining the church. She did not have sex or have been sexually active for years after becoming a Mormon.

She had to sacrifice the opportunity to become a bridesmaid in her own sister’s wedding only because of the reason that her dress was not modest enough. This experience in her life made her reconsider and give a second thought to her life as a Mormon in the missionary church.

Addie Andrews?Oppressed Missionary Turned Into Pornstar, Life & Career

Her career as an Exotic Dancer

Addie had stopped attending church before she switched to Hollywood in the year 2017. Addie was rediscovering her sexual self and sexuality when she reached there. She said that part of her life had been bottled when she used to practice Mormon. She said that she was very sexually repressed.

At the age of 26, she had sex for the first time since she was 17 years old. She started working as an exotic dancer. Andrews wasn’t having a lot of luck getting into mainstream acting so she gave a shot for dancing to see how she would like it. she ended up enjoyed her profession as a dancer.

Addie Andrews?Oppressed Missionary Turned Into Pornstar, Life & Career

 The transitions from social media to the adult film industry

Andrews started promoting herself with her social media account and she caught the eye of famous porn producers. At the beginning of 2019, she ended up getting an agent and started working in adult films as a porn star.

Addie is now a popular and rising star in the adult film industry. She feels proud and good about her career choice and where she is in life right now.

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Addie Andrews?Oppressed Missionary Turned Into Pornstar, Life & Career

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