James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez Franchise Plans if Alita Battle Angel 2 Does Well at Box Office

The blockbuster director James Cameron has got reasons as to why three wouldn’t be an Alita: Battle Angel Sequel. Though it is completely up to his creative freedom, fans would love a sequel to this spectacle. The Canadian filmmaker has always been the news for his spectacle line of movies ranging from science fiction to epic films.

In this age of blockbuster franchise and sequels coming up for every show and movie you could think of, it does make one wonder why someone like Cameron, himself would stay away from a sequel.

Would there be a sequel?

According to him, the success of a show determines whether a sequel needs to come up for it is with us nearing the second anniversary of Alita: Battle Angel’s release in the show business, the fans are puzzled was stopping him mow. Taking the instance of a movie like Warcraft which was released with year around plans for sequels, felt it is “cheeky”; his words, to plan a sequel.

Being the director who gave the two biggest blockbuster hits of all time in Hollywood, it is quite pondering why he wouldn’t go along with Alita: Battle Angel which co-wrote and produced as Robert Rodriguez directed.

Despite his wild success having directed the two biggest box office hits of all time, super director James Cameron doesn’t want to get ahead of himself with Alita: Battle Angel, which he co-wrote and produced as Robert Rodriguez directed. 

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James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez Franchise Plans if Alita Battle Angel 2 Does Well at Box Office

Disney Doesn’t sound all that in tune with In Alita:, Battle Angel

Questionable in the Disney Investor’s Day event, the movie was not even acknowledged let alone mentioned which makes us ponder if Disney is at all or even the least interred in Alita: Battle Angel.

Surprisingly, even Avatar sequel and Tron: The legacy sequel was not so much mentioned and was taken up in a cold approach at least these projects are making some progress, how so much less as ever but is not the case with Alita.

The Director of the project is full of ideas and projects o his hands lining up with The Book of Boba Fett. Robert Rodriguez also got Star Wars to stoke for the long term. 

With the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean in the books with the much-acclaimed Jack Sparrow in the news ad the Marvel Cinematic Universe all stoked in, fans can’t help but ponder where Alita falls into among all this fanfare.

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