FKA Twigs Claims Shia LaBeouf was ‘ABUSIVE’ with Her, Files Lawsuit: Feud Explained

The popular electronic singer, FKA Twigs has recently shared her harrowing relationship with the former lover, Shia LaBeouf. Tahliah Debrett Barnett also filed a lawsuit against the actress in December claiming that he was abusive to her. Also, she has accused the actor of sexual battery, domestic violence, and infliction of emotional distress, during their relationship that concluded under a year.

According to the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, there are multiple waves of abuse orchestrated by the Transformers actor. LaBeouf had relentlessly abused FKA Twigs during the relationship, which included choking her. He even threw the 33-year-old actress against a car on Valentine’s Day in 2019. The lawsuit alleges that LaBeouf is a dangerous man and he uses and hurts women.

FKA Twigs also alleged on the lawsuit that the actor had knowingly given her a sexually transmitted disease. Not only Twigs, but other women, who had been in a relationship with LaBeouf has revealed about his abusive behaviour. Karolyn Pho also revealed alarming experience while she was in a relationship with the Fury actor. He had reportedly left multiple bruises after he held her down by arms at the New York City hotel in 2012.

LaBeouf has involved in multiple violent incident and controversies over the years.

From doing disorderly conduct to making racist remarks, LaBeouf has done all. He reportedly disrupted a broadway play in 2014 at New York City’s Studio 54 theatre. The law enforcement officers arrived at the site and arrested him and charged with criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, and harassment. However, he was pleaded guilty only for disorderly conduct.

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The actor then went on a racist rant on police officers after the officers arrested him for public drinking. He pleaded guilty for obstruction and stayed on one year’s probation. Following FKA Twigs lawsuit, LaBeouf told to The Times that he was not in the position to tell anyone how they feel by his behaviour. He also mentioned that there are no excuses for his alcoholism or aggression.

The duo dated from mid-2018 to May 2019, after meeting at the set of LaBeouf’s Honey Boy. Honey Boy is the drama surrounding LaBeouf’s childhood and his relationship with his father. FKA Twigs told her fans that revealing that she is the domestic violence survivor is her second nightmare, while the first one is not telling anyone. On the other hand, LaBeouf affirmed that he had been abusive to others and apologised to his past actions.

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