Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint Talks About Harry Potter Spin Off Series on HBO Max

Harry Potter, I think this name does not only represent a franchise or a particular series, but it represents a world of its own. If you make a list of top beloved series in the world, then Harry Potter makes their position in very top. The franchise entertains us for 20 years, not only with series. But with games, theme park too.

And now they are ready to surprise their fans with another mind-blowing chapter. Actually, this is not official news, but in an interview, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint hint on this. But till now HBO or Warner Bros didn’t confirm anything regarding this.

What actually they hint at this?

Actually, there is a rumor that Harry Potter is going to launch a new series on HBO MAX. In an interview with Variety, Grint says it’s very awkward that he does not appear in the upcoming series of Harry Potter. He also says, “It’ll be weird if it was a continuation kind of thing,” he said. “I weirdly feel quite protective of that character. Even when I saw the stage shows, it was a very strange experience.” He continued, “If it’s like a different group of friends, I guess it would be interesting.”

But the question is the Harry Potter franchise really going to release it?

About these projects

Warner Bros and as well as HBO officials said that there is not any such projects developing. They may think of it in future.

On the other hand, the Harry Potter franchise is now busy with the prequel spin-off Fantastic Beast 3. But the bad news is that the shooting is currently stopped due to COVID 19. As one crew member is currently tested positive for Covid.

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So, let’s see what comes up in the future regarding this.

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