Man of Steel 2: Is Zack Snyder Returning to Direct? Release Date & Production Updates

Everything is abuzz around the cult- favorite Henry Cavill, and even we can’t be at peace now! With #HenryCavillSuperman trending on Twitter like crazy, the super-duper Zack Snyder on board to make  Henry Cavill the star of the all-new blockbuster franchise, Man of Steel 2!

Dark Knight directed by the much critically acclaimed, Christopher Nolan in 2000 gave way for the birth of the Superman Franchise. With DC and Warner Bros. at its top, the next released Man of Steel was another try of the Superman aura on the box office.

None other than Zack Snyder was the director of the movie with a much astonishing recommendation from the God, Christopher Nolan himself ( what else could anyone hope for!). Henry Cavill was on screen as Superman for this box office hit released in 2013 with around 668 million dollar revenue but with many mixed reviews.

Man of Steel 2: Is Zack Snyder Returning to Direct? Release Date & Production Updates

Man of Steel 2: Is Zack Snyder Returning to Direct? 

Fans haven’t gotten tired of Zack Snyder’s magic behind the cameras and thus the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. The fans’ community wanted this to trend on Twitter and did all within their powers and interestingly, even the Universe ultimately conspired for this.

With Zack Snyder himself sharing multiple pictures on his Twitter handle and by using the hashtag and resharing a picture from Henry Cavill’s costume show test in which he is seen wearing the cult favorite Richard Donner-era Superman suit. ( What else could the fans truly hope for!).

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Man of Steel 2: Production Updates

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the next movie in the franchise for which Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill teamed up the next time which was a box office success. 

With mixed reviews of Man of Steel on two sides; some critics just love the preferred perfect update on the Kryptonian superstar while some others didn’t adapt to how he was deconstructed in the movie. 

With Zack Snyder exiting during post-production, things were a bit haywire on their end as WB had to reshoot some of the scenes owing to the studio meddling with the director’s vision for the movie and what he had in wraps.

Released in 2017 owing to various creative differences, the movie was received mixed reviews of varying sorts.  With Justice League now being completed, fans cant wait to see kore of the Snyder magic on screen, “SnyderVerse” and hopefully in the foreseeable future, Man of Steel 2!

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